Prenatal and Postnatal Massage in Miami

The team presents: Pancitas Pregnancy Spa: A special place for you, where you can relax and take a moment to yourself, to be spoiled and pampered by a highly qualified prenatal care team.

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Prenatal Massage and Massage Post-natal in Miami

Pregnancy is a time of great emotions, experiences and dreams, but also a time of drastic changes in the body and mind. Your body is preparing for the arrival of the baby while you begin to prepare mentally for all the challenges that involve being a mom.

Are massages during pregnancy good?
Constipation, heartburn, muscle cramps, back pain, feeling of heaviness and swelling are symptoms that can be reduced greatly if you have a massage with a specialized massage therapist in prenatal care. Additionally it is an excellent remedy against stress and anxiety.

Is it safe to have massages during my pregnancy?
Prenatal massage performed by a specialist in integrative massage for pregnancy are not dangerous, just the opposite, as they provide great benefits for physical and mental health of the mother while awaiting the arrival of their baby.

Why visit Pancitas Pregnancy Spa?
In Pancitas Pregnancy Spa you will get the best care by specialists in prenatal care. The modern and beautiful facilities, their high-tech technology and their staff make you feel like a paradise for pregnant women. You will exit with a giant smile, happy to have been attended by best in prenatal care.

How to visit Pancitas Pregnancy Spa?
If you live in Miami and you are pregnant, call us at (305) 542-9931. You can also book your appointment online through